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Press Start Together versuri DAGames

I build it up, like the sky is the limit
To see it fall down
I build it up, like the sky is the limit
To see it fall down
I feel the maniac coming down
It’s almost like a renegade is coming
And I’m wearing the crown
And the insomnia’s dropping in
It’s starting to encourage my insanity
When can we begin?
Keep the good vibes coming
Keep on time, I’m running
I’m on a roll, you can’t stop me now
‘Cause we’re all set, we just gotta believe
And we’ll be there
I’m ready to bare everything

So, now step into the ether
Delving deeper
I believe we’re on the verge of absolution
Together a solution
Holding onto anything
As long as it’s your everything
(I’m ready to bare everything)
But, on the road throughout a masterpiece
(Like the sky is the limit)
Don’t forget you have a handicap to help you release
Your very own inner potential
(To see it fall down)
Essential credential
Press start, we’ll do it together
What are you waiting for?
It’s not the end anymore
As long as we ride together
Now listen up!
I build it up, like the sky is the limt
To see it fall down
It’s time now you have grown
Mind blown
But, it’s not a party if you’re on your own
So come on up!

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