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Versuri DAGames – BENDY SONG (MR. CROOKED) lyrics


Mr. Joey doing the Drew
He was the smartest that anyone knew
He grew the business out from an inky dark sickness
There’s nothing wrong with dreaming belief was the key
To bring the devil to our misery
He clicked the fingers formed inky rivers and that’s fine

What’d I say young fellow?
Have ya’ per chance heard of the struggles?

He made a deal with satanic forces
He struck a chord with good ol’ Satan’s corpses
To make the dream reality he opened the gates that shooketh
That’s good ol’ Mr. Crooked

Well I dare say I brought this mad creation to life
And my goodness it’s going out of control!
Looks like I’m going need a quiant young aficionado to jump in!
Surely an ending it deserves!
In the meantime folks how ’bout ‘ya treat yourself to a packet of Ol’ Whim Wham cigarettes cartons?
20 cents a smoke 20 dollars a carton
Don’t ask me how I did the maths just buy it you schmuck

Mr. Joey what did he do?
He caused this madness that everyone knew
He broke the business flooded from inky dark sickness
It all went wrong
No more dreaming the place was a wreck
He broguht the devil and sent us to heck
He blew up the good vibes got with the times and that’s fine

Well by it looks we gotta amscray

So now it’s over it’s time to say adieu
We wish we had more time but we will miss you too
If you want to put the blame on any destruction conducted
Blame good ol’ Mr. Crooked

Well we tried ladies and gents
Some things just don’t deserve to be brought unto this world
Why we should be thankful and happy about what we have already!
Families friends a great economic environment built with so many
Wonderous possibilities already!
Why it should sure make us grateful

That is… if I had any of that
A family friends money possibilities
Nothing for this old crook I tell ya

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