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We are imprisoned in free without serving a SENTENCE
A mask is worth more than a CHAIN
Someone said life is GOOD
even if the fridge is not FULL

the Lord accompanies us at the last DINNER Amen!
Our effort is not LIMITED
We keep thinking of likes when someone
a heart NEEDS
Death comes without APPOINTMENT
We upload videos when there are people who cannot receive VISITS
A daughter sleeps with her dead mother at her HOME
there is no gap for both dead
a greeting is a THREAT
times where the LIE is true and the truth becomes a LIE
What is real is that the earth BREATHES
of her predator and chaff ‘feeling her anger
All the evil that we have sown like a chota will TURN us
Although this has been PREMEDITED, STUDIED and PLANNED
who would have THOUGHT
That without having chains we are CHAINED
Free animals and we ENCLOSED
Damn governments are a PLAGUE
In this biological warfare the civilian is the one who PAYS
In THEORY without an army there is a COLD war
Where at the end of the DAY
a power wants to lead the ECONOMY
I am guilty because I see the INDEFENSIVE AND I play the BLIND
I’m not mute but I keep quiet what I THINK
A vaccine of humility was needed for the HIGH heart
What an irony that the earth on pause I feel more ALIVE less networks more I WRITE
I DESCRIBE myself as the best reggaeton player and rapper LIVE (blessed) 🙏🏽
Long ago I did not thank God for my HEALTH hey! hey! hey!
Thank you that the black boys have not come to take me in a CASKET, hey! hey! hey!
Is that,
Sometimes humor RELAXES us
Sometimes one would like the dead man to dance in his BOX
Don’t miss the smile, the joy, the HOPE
From the tragedy is that a TEACHING is always born
Money buys all MATERIAL
do not buy MENTAL, EMOTIONAL or SPIRITUAL health, baby!
Said the wise man to a FOOL
there are things in life that are priceless.
I struggle between anxiety and PATIENCE
I try to get the positive out of this bad EXPERIENCE
I say it to create AWARENESS for all the AUDIENCE
Because long ago I stopped having COMPETITION.
Anytime I’m KOBE at 19
A killer like COVID-19
Fire in Australia, also AMAZON earthquakes all over the ZONES
The thirst for power will never satisfy PEOPLE
The man wanted to be king now has his CROWN.

Now he has his crown
Now has a crown
Now he has his crown
Now he has his crown

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