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Versuri C. Tangana – Demasiadas Mujeres (english) lyrics

Demasiadas Mujeres in english versuri C. Tangana

I was parading in Milan
With 21 Prada campaigns and now he sleeps here
I look at her thinking how long it will be before she starts to hate
The way that I love her so badly my way of running away
That i can’t stop

I haven’t forgotten the smell of the one I fucked in the bathroom of a drunken joint in Berlin
Listening to a techno that made me push her like an animal
Music from hell that will play the day of my funeral
I still remember you

Too many women (x 8)

An unopened WhatsApp
Talking about things that don’t say anything to see if you’re still
Drunk in Miami flying to L.A. or back in Madrid
Tell me things that do not hurt me, when will you return
What time is it over there

I can’t forget the one who told me that she would always forever be there for me
Of the one that said that only one night and then there was no more
From the one that left with my desire to love my will to live
I have not found them again

Too many women (x 8)

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