Versuri BTS – Intro: Persona (english) Lyrics

Intro: Persona in english Versuri

I have demanded all my life.
Maybe I could not find a solution to my problem for the rest of my life
If I can answer a few words
God will not create countless words to describe beauty
How you feel? How do you feel now?

In fact, I am very happy. But I’m a little uncomfortable.
I still do not know if I am a dog or a pig.
Someone else has come to me with a pearl necklace.
I laugh more often than before
Dream of becoming a superhero once
It finally seems to be realized now
However, more and more noise increases.
Someone told me to get faster. Some people told me to go slowly
He wanted me to see this flower to see this forest.
My shadow, I hesitate

I became hesitant to him
People who are attracting attention frequently
Under the hot sun, the fog is staring at me.
Have you forgotten why you want to be a singer?
I was happy every time someone listened to your song.
Sometimes these ridiculous sounds
You also know that what you write when you are drunk is naive enough.
What kind of music do you talk about?
What kind of dance do you have?
You are not worth to expect

Why do you become a kind of person?
I know my drawbacks, maybe it’s all mine
Actually, I’m awkward, I do not mind at all.
Now I spend a lot of time every night without fearing anymore
Retrieve a habit that can not be changed from the beginning
Every time I think about the original question at this time
My name and adjective before it

So I’m askin ‘once again yeah
Who the hell am I?
Tell me all your names baby
Do you wanna die?
Oh do you wanna go?
Do you wanna fly?
Where’s your soul? Where’s your dream?
Do you think you’re alive?
My name is “R”

I remember people knowing me
I created to express myself.
Yeah, maybe I was hiding.
Maybe he used to harass the public.
But I am not ashamed. This is the map of my soul.
Never drop the temperature.
You do not have to be warm, you do not have to be indifferent.

Sometimes hypocrites
I want to set my own standards.
I want to be with me
People who aspire to me
I love you
And what I made
I laugh at me and sometimes I cry
A person breathing every moment

Who the hell am I?
I just wanna go
I just wanna fly
I just wanna give you all the voices’ til I die
I just wanna give you all the shoulders when you cry

Who the hell am I?
I just wanna go
I just wanna fly
I just wanna give you all the voices’ til I die
I just wanna give you all the shoulders when you cry

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