Versuri Boogie – Soho (ft. JID) Lyrics

Soho Versuri

F*ckin’ tired of comin’ from Compton to go to Hollywood
F*cking dinner meetings that last 30 minutes when traffic be like an hour

Please no more meeting at SoHo (SoHo)
Please no more thinking we bro bros (Bro bros)
I ain’t been seen in like oh, no (Oh no)
I ain’t been seen in like oh

I do not beef in the photos
I don’t be tweaking for promo
I keep my thing on the low though
I got a team but I’m solo
I do not speak what I don’t know
What I don’t know
Is how you survive when a n*gga like me get to saying he tripping (Whoa)
Sh*t, if I miss the time he was pushin’ my buttons I probably was glitching, uh
I done went straight for the plug, I done went and dropped the percentage
Look at him, tryna be different
He been erasing his post, he been refining his image (Whoa)
Sh*t give me thoughts on what we finna be
Who the f*ck gave you permission to think?
Me and my shorty was missing the beat, we had to go get our rhythm in sync
I’m still a n*gga with needs, I need to get me a lease
Pass on the key to the streets
I need the key to the door that’s been blocking out my inner peace
All that I’m saying is

Please no more meeting at SoHo
Please no more thinking we bro bros
I ain’t been seen in like oh, no
I ain’t been seen in like oh

Ain’t no more meeting for any meanings
Really, sh*t wasn’t meaning or anything
You can say my vibe book is on me
Don’t use it, I swear on it with everything

Like the usual, know I ain’t meeting at Nobu
Or going for Sushi at Roku
I motherf*cking told you
I’m sick of these n*ggas
Who wanna be all in the videos, in the photos
I think I should sign to Death Row though, I’m
I’m loco, I’m Pac if I’m poppin’ the pistol at po-po
I’ m tr-tr-trying to be optimistic
But my options limited and I’m boxed in
You gotta stop me n*gga, before they got me, get him
N*gga beyond infinity when you talk sh*t
Time, time is ticking you gotta watch it
But when you get popular they wanna be partners

Please no more meeting at SoHo
Please no more thinking we bro bros
I ain’t been seen in like oh, no
I ain’t been seen in like oh

Uh, don’t force my hand
I’m forced to squeeze
Unfortunately, I’m forced to clean the earth
And feed my seed with dreams that’s been through dirt, f*ck
Uh, I’m forced to chain
My course, I’m cursed, of course remorse is gone
I seen my bros get turned to corpse
I’m forced to see em’ using force and still they’re free in court, uh
They pat me down and grab me up
I’m black as f*ck, I say it loud
I’m black as f*ck
It’s sad to say that dudes as black as me won’t back me up
She mad as f*ck
No, no, she packed it up, uh
Now I gotta take ownership, uh
She the flaw in my force field that I was all for now I’m forced to get over it
I’m coping with a lot

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