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Your Girlfriend versuri Blossoms

I’m a boy
And she’s a girl
With more charm than most movie stars
So we met
Through a friend
We rent a place and she comes round to stay

And now your girlfriend is ringing in my ears again
It’s no sure shot but she likes all my favourite things
I know I shouldn’t but I’d like to spend more time with her
I wish she’d come over today

What am I supposed to do?
I can tell, they get along so well
Is it possible, she likes me too?
I’m not sure if I should read between those lines

And now you’re girlfriend is ringing in my ears again
I should be moving out but can’t cos we’ve just signed a lease
My hands are shaking, the bedroom walls are paper thin
I heard her come over today

Thought maybe we’d go out for a movie
And we can forget friends who’ll be fuming
Then I could walk you home in the evening
And that’s just being friendly

And now you’re girlfriend is ringing in my ears again
And when she smiles I can’t hide my jealousy
Oh I can’t take it, boy I hope she’s faking it
I heard he bought a ring today
I heard they got engaged today

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