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Versuri BHAD BHABIE – 15 (Intro) Lyrics

15 (Intro) Versuri

My 15 minutes stretching some hours late
Bring me 15 b*tches, I’ll make ‘em salivate
15 milion right on my f*ckin’ plate
BOA, 15 hundred just to feast safe
15 feeling like I won a sweepstakes
15-hour flights when I leave the states
15 thousand dollars on a bracelet
Had to buy two, I had the jeweler going apesh*t
Old friends doing 15 to life
I changed my situation with some pristine advice
Name a rapper hot as me, I’m 15 times the hype
My bank account holds 15 times your life
15 cars like I’m collecting those
15 Fashion Nova packs, I’m collecting clothes
Fan love ‘cross the map, getting X and Os
15 bodyguards in my section, closed

15, 15, rose up from the depths, now I live a dream
15, 15, making history, this sh*t something they never seen

15 bad b*tches, send a UberX
15 b*tches mad I get uber checks
15 hunned Bhabies by the mosh pit
Rap star, living life for my rock sh*t
Like a pop shift, 15 in the Glock, b*tch
Think you hot sh*t? Get you 15 knots, quick
That’s a lump sum, sweaty b*tches Trump dumb
15 shots to that head, I get ‘em punch drunk
15 milli stalking that IG
So why in the f*ck would I need a ID?
Hoes looking thirsty, get on my IV
Voice of the new generation, you can’t deny me
Tape dropping September, I hope you hoes ready
15, Black Mamba, sh*t gon’ be so deadly
(Tape dropping September, I hope you hoes ready
Bust 15 tons, this sh*t is so heavy)

15, 15, rose up from the depths, now I live a dream
15, 15, making history, this sh*t something they never seen

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