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Versuri Bella Santiago – S.O.S. lyrics

S.O.S. versuri Bella Santiago

Precious babies ooh big money love
Satisfaction that oldest fucking do it

As from the LMI
Oh my god is my in Nevada why Daisy can
Read my money but money wanna happy one
But can what we call engage
It’s about a get down
Baby don’t
Come on

Even doing it and what you’re gonna do

Oh my gosh is my in Nevada these days
You can read my mind
Mother come and get it it’s a better get
They don’t make a sound

What the girls dad I need them in the
Zone once and one so with this mic still
On I need to celebrate Haiti shut that
Camera lady keep on following you on my
Foot set up its mute aligned so Natalie
No drama I’m here to be your mama baby
Boy baby boy let me show you what I
Wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna
Wanna wanna water and we can show it to
The world
Come again

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