Versuri Bazzi – Myself Lyrics

Myself versuri

I think I’m losing my mind
Trying to stay inside the lines
It’s like I’m running in place
How you keep staying the same
Baby I I guess I’m something different
And I’m okay with that
I can’t fake no more smiles
That shit gon’ drive me mad
I’m focused on the future
Don’t care ’bout nothin’ else

I’m better by myself
I’m better by myself
I don’t need no one else
I’m better by myself

Don’t wanna answer questions
Just want your company
It’s all good on the surface
Show me what’s underneath
I’m not concerned with drama
I left that shit in school
I’m more concerned with commas
Than keeping up with you
Keep that away from me
I put the Heisman up to bad energy
No empathy especially when the kid off Hennessy
Fake friends to me make my mood go south like Tennessee
Make the fool come out like “Who is he”
I mean I’m trying to tell y’all

I’m better by myself
I’m better by myself
I don’t need no one else
I’m better by myself

I don’t know who to trust
These days everyone’s shady
Fool me once I’m on my own
There is no second time baby
That’s the shit I don’t like
Please no yes no maybes
What else

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