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ASAP Rocky – Buck Shots Lyrics

Lyrics to 'Buck Shots' by ASAP Rocky.

I ain’t scared
Real n*ggas put the clip in and let it go
Real n*ggas wanna run real
Real (buck shot)
Real n*ggas from the roll real (buck shot)
Real n*ggas from the M
Real n*ggas from the home (buck shot)
Homeboy you ain’t know (buck shot)
Had a b*tch suckin’ on a lollipop at the bus stop
Green Glock red Glock (buck shot)
They ain’t really ready for me when I (buck shot)
They ain’t really ready for me when I (buck shot)
What’s a blood clot
N*ggas know not what n*gga what not (yeah)
From the fort Fort Knox this ain’t Fortnite n*gga get your sh*t rocked n*gga
Buck shot (uh uh)(buck shot)
And my pictures like a mugshot (uh)
And all my b*tches got buttshots

Buttshots left this man dead in the damn lot
Gettin’ cash pourin’ up the wok (yeah)
Pourin’ on the f*ckin’ clock
Yeah buttshots everybody in this b*tch got a mugshot
Hold up hold up
Mugshot now they on your block
B*tch I’m off a bean and this damn wok
Got a clip and it’s full (buck shot)
Leave a motherf*cker in the pants (buck shot)
Man I was grown up since a young blood (buck shot)
Now I’m bussin’ off shots (yeah they-yeah they buck shot)
Back in my younger days all I want was braise
All my mama want from me was graze (buck shot)
They ain’t really ready for me when I (buck shot)
One stop get some drugs and a damn Glock
Hold up

Got the bullets aimin’ at your head top
AK-47 try to run up and we send shots (pew pew)
Walkin’ with my chains out on a opp block
I was drippin’ jewels don’t try to run up you get dropped off (yeah huh)
Pull up flexin’ with the top down
I was gang with some baddies on a yacht now (yeah)
Bought a brand new Mulsanne Gucci down now
N*gga you ain’t in my lane you a clown now (yeah)
Keep the semi tucked n*gga what you want now (yeah)
Bought a brand new gun its gon’ catch you up (yeah)
Simmons on my feet I stay feet up (yeah)
Watch me pull up on the scene n*gga T’d up (yeah)

Buck shot
Buck shot
Buck shot
End’s with a buck shot

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