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So when you gaze at planet Earth from outer space
Does it wipe that stupid look off of your face
I saw this aura over the battleground states
I lost the money lost the keys
But I’m still handcuffed to the briefcase

And I never thought not in a million year
That I’d meet so many Lolas
Can I please have my money back
My virtual reality mask is stuck on ‘Parliament Brawl
Emergency battery pack just in time for my weekly chat
With God on video call

Breaking news they take the truth and make it fluid
The trainer’s explanation was accepted by the steward
A montage of the latest ancient ruins
Soundtracked by a chorus of You don’t know what you’re doing

And I never thought not in a million years
That I’d meet so many Lolas

And all of my most muscular regrets
Explode behind my eyes like American sports

And I never thought not in a million year
That I’d meet so many Lolas

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