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Mi Testimonio (english) versuri Arcangel

I take charge with my family as Christ did with the cross
I identify with Him, they call him “Jesus”
He gave me everything without demanding anything from me
And take good care of me, also of my pack
I feel alone and that does not change my wealth
I don’t lie to you, sometimes I miss poverty
I was happy without problems or drama in my head
A thousand emotions, I will put them all on the table
That all is not glory, not everything here is laughter
And you have to live life, death is in a hurry
Okay, fame is good, sometimes very bad
And it gives you many things, but it also gives you room
I learned that if I want something I have to fight
I learned to observe, listen and shut up
That the envious stalks and gets upset
He hugs you and greets you (He detests you inside)

I’m still in my wrapped alley
From there nobody can take me out
Always fine and pa ‘chota, prisoner
So I was taught to think

Manito, calm down, we’re here
Fulfilling what we have to do without having to dump anyone
Because we are male and I have no fear of the dark
From here I leave ‘in horone’
And remember: let’s go to death now, pana, because I don’t go down
I am from La Calma, prra

Thanks to the father and son I’m still here
The Holy Spirit covered me with his mantle
Thousands problems arrived and I solved
I was very firm, yes, I never ran
I went down to hell a moment, but I came back
I fought with Lucifer, how well I defended myself
I could have been dead and I survived
Death came looking for me, but I missed it
I will fight for mine until I have life
I will kill the league until you decide
I will represent where I come from and what I am
I know well where I go, you know what I give
I made a lot of ‘promise’, keeping it ‘I’m
To prevent him from doing it you need a convoy
Save your threat ‘, plan your maneuver
Mediocre ‘as you’ conform to my works

Take away from me
Mommy, it’s too late
What time is it like?
I don’t know what time it is, I don’t know
I’m not pending at the time, Carmen
It’s late, my love, I love you so much, sleep
I love you too
Bye, cute mommy, blessing
Bless my love, God bless you

The certainty of what is expected is called “Faith”
And at the same time “the conviction of what is not seen”
Many times I felt cold, but I got hot
I had nightmares with the devil and I faced him
God-God-God gave me tests and I passed several
And since I’m not perfect, in a few ‘I failed
I know (Aha), but you know how it went? (Wow)
I got up from the ground and came back and tried, prra
And I’m still standing, if I’m here it was that I arrived
I played Target Shooting with life, and partner, I didn’t fail
And I showed that through dreams we achieve success
I am very intellectual for you, you have no lexicon
(He made me the street)
Fine category rapper
I show my royalty with my flow day by day
I did not know that this day would come
The heir to the throne would soon be crowned (Prra)

I’m still in my wrapped alley
From there nobody can take me out
Always fine and pa ‘chota, prisoner
So I was taught to think

(I’m still in my wrapped alley
From there nobody can take me out
Always fine and pa ‘chota, prisoner)

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