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Invicto in english versuri Arcangel

I am going to tell you something

Before we started singing
We walked
We were in the same

I was loved in the neighborhood long before I hit
The underworld supported me they knew I was going to duck (Yeh)
Many comes out and I had to strip
I left the arrears and it was easy to crown myself (I ’)

Look at me now that I look like an intellectual narco
I’m looking for more than a pal, without having to rattle
Yes I know
That you sell your penny (Okay)
But I look for myself more than you singing my choruses (Auh)

Many have tried not to have my empire
Go to the fuck bastards it gives me criteria (Yeh)
Me in this, I am a president, you don’t need a ministry
A genre to find out
I need a cemetery

Take the soft and all lower your ego
I have so many watches that I need a new arm
And a new neck for the chains that I haven’t bought
Package a rifle for the one with virao symptom ’

I’m smoking a weed that I don’t even know how to pronounce
I have shoes that I think I will never release (Woh)
A whole youth to be able to dethrone him
My math does not fail, I love to multiply (Yih-yih)

That’s how I add daily without subtracting (Yup)
Pending my finances I am hard to fool (No)
Long money, I never stay in the teque (No)
Call IMO to sign the check

How much are they?
No matter
Money that goes out, money that is remembered
I’m not at all, I feel worried
Don’t talk to me, contact my lawyer (Call)

I tell Pina that I don’t want calls
Don’t count on me at all (Nothing)

I’m a diamond
You look too small, sapphire
They snore from gangster and end up choteando como, wuh …

I’m still on ’
I get a bastard every year (Oh my God)
Marble in the closet
Marble in the bathroom
Marble under the pool water, which is screwed
Marble up in the marquee

The communist
In this dominating everything
Breaking my ass is my nickname
Have the league very dead
And to top it all off
They are 15 years in the game, passing rolo

Then I met the disappointment (Wow)
Envy in disguise, anger with admiration
Enemies of free, a lot
And all for seeking perfection

I never wanted evil for anyone, vice versa
Good for everything and shine at the same time
Grow as a gender
Everyone together
It never could, we were divided

Everyone with their personal goals
Pretending to be happy but inside artificial
I always wanted to be happy at the same time
But we fail, we lack maturity

And I became the one who liquidates them
Infecting them as the AIDS virus
Guilty for leaving rappers pal without food
In music jail that’s why I deserve life

I became the one who destroys them
He who hesitates and enjoys his life
Look where I get, Carmen Rosa’s son
I put my family above anything

And I don’t fail (No)
I wake up in the morning when the rooster sings
Preparing for the concert
Every new day is an essay

Hey me ’
And after 15 years of divine storm we are still here
I live, living in war
Archangel, pa ’
Austin, baby
This is the Flow Factory
And i don’t die
First death dies before us

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