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One word says nothing (Amen)
And at the same time hides everything
Just like the wind (The wind) hides the water (The water)
Like the flowers (Flowers) that hide mud (Brr)
A look (Look) does not say anything (It does not say anything)
And at the same time (Anuel) says everything (Everything)
Like the rain on your face (On your face)
Or the old map (In the name of God) of some treasure

They were the comb ‘with tape grills
I wrote in the name of Presi and I put the reel down (Amen)
I turned on the stick in Cataño and gave the de’o repeat, I changed the cling (Brr)
While ‘I gave the’ shot ‘I thought that tonight in hell is going to burn in the lava (Ah!)
They said they were innocent ‘those who were
And they were witnesses’ that perhaps in the future they would chot
And I played alive, I bought his death, but there is no receipt (Brr)
To the domi I have been elusive
And my name never comes out in a file (huh?)
The dead in the news’ and there is no evidence
My conscience does not torment me (Hehehe)
And my ‘dead’ friend give me suggestion ‘
Between word ‘and look’ I never find a difference (RIP Kaya)
Because the ‘eye’ they tell you what the mouth silences, or whatever it is said (Whatever it is said)
And I have not died because death is my friend
I do them favors ‘(I favor them’)
In case my name appears in the ‘dead’ book, consider me and ignore it
“The body no longer has life”, say the doctore ‘(The doctore’)
You saw, you bastard, that when he touches, he touches no matter how much you pray ‘(The grave)
That Dio ‘forgive me, but the space belongs to a person in the’ echelon ‘
And for my mai to cry, let three hundred ‘mother’ go and bring flowers’ to their ‘son’ (Rascabicho)
That are rotting in the ‘drawer’
How they rot my heart ‘and I live’ in the ‘prison’
Because although the mind is free, life decomposes (decomposes)
And fame does not fill me, there are five hundred ‘depression’
Because I have to sing to please this ‘cabrone’ (To this ‘cabrone’)
Understand what i say
Success lives with me, but the day I fail they will bury me next to my ‘enemy’
My life is a play, but the theater is plenty (It’s plenty)
Because if I lick you, the price is charged
And the bullets ‘are not dodged by more’ than you and your corillo maneuver (Brr)
I have an emptiness that is bigger than my success
Black card, no credit needed (Ah, credit)
And they compare me to a bastard ‘who have been a fifteen year’ career
Son of a bitch, give me my credit (Uy)
And my life and ‘ironic
Satan ‘wants my soul and at times it gets devilish (I shit on the mother’ the devil)
My beliefs are Masonic ‘
And I am the dio ‘of the trap, and the Js and Retros are my tunic (Brr)
God understands each one, that’s why I have another way of praying (Amen)
They say that it is impossible to levitate
Ignorant ‘, they have never seen the last spiritual level (Haha!)
They believe without seeing, I never need a sign (Ignorant)
Anuel’s faith is special
Read the bible, salvation e ‘individual (Individual)
I’m a lost prophet ‘, that’s why I know how to rhyme
And all this fame is divine, it was never accidental
All the people I loved left me alone
That’s why I love that Scarface shot Manolo
If it weren’t for Jordan, no one would talk about the Bull
How does it feel to betray the one who gave you everything, brr

Real to death, scratchhead
Or do you think that all this hoarse is a lie, you bastard?
I have seen a demon ‘in the clouds’
But I know that there are angels fallen ‘in hell
That Dio ‘take care of and protect my soul
That the devil has always wanted me to sell it to him
One day I thought I sold it to him
Until I read the Bible and learned that I had Dio’s forgiveness (Amen)
Brr, amen
The ‘illuminati (Of verda’), haha!
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
And that Dio ‘forgive me for all’ my sins’, I know that I am not an example
Mera tell me Ovy
Misael De La Cruz
Mera, tell me, EQ
Nely “The Secret Weapon”
We ‘are a phenomenon’
Mera tell me Frabian
The only manager with four years’ experience
And he competes with drivers ‘who have been fifteen years old’, hehehehe
Selling drugs ‘no no’ was bad
It is an experience of life to make us stronger, brr!
Before ‘he ran from the police’ because he was selling drugs and they threw themselves
And now I run from the press
Because they try to manipulate everything I speak
To ‘put the’ fanatic ‘against me
Selling drugs I didn’t feel happy
But now with so much fame, and so much power, and so much money
Sometimes I feel that Jesus Christ is not here
I speak to Dio ‘and I do not hear his voice
As before ‘I listened to her when she was poor
Maybe ‘money has left me blind or has left me deaf
One more goal, Jehovah, and I keep all the promises I made with you
After ‘from there, do with me what you want’

One word says nothing
And at the same time hides everything
Like the wind that hides the water
Like the flowers that hide mud
One look says nothing
And at the same time it says it all
Like the rain on your face (Oh)
Or the old map of some treasure

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