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Última Canción versuri Anuel AA

Real to death, did you hear you bastard?

Life changes when it starts to focus on you
This year I fell in love with who I became
Do things right or wrong, they will always talk
That’s why lately I stopped caring
Honestly the Bugatti doesn’t impress me anymore
And when they talk about the better ones, they mention my name
You left and it really hurt, but it makes you mad
What else hurt that Messi left Barcelona
Twenty sure ‘, bastard, I’m not even armed
I enter for the prize and the whole world looks at me scared
In my last concert there were like twelve fainted
They should give me a GRAMMY for so many singer ‘that I have hit’
Then ‘do not compare me with any’ of this ‘pelabicho’
To me and ‘who are you bitch’ if I ‘write’ him they give screenshot
That when I’m in PR, a murder didn’t happen (Ah?)
Because I am a phenomenon, not some pelagato (Brr)
And the street celebrates me because I dream of this’
But through me the street screams “I can do it” (Amen)
From me the new ‘generations’ were influenced
I was imprisoned and half genre my flow they copied (Uy)

I went up thirty bastards from PR (PR)
I always get a whole floor in all the hotels (Hotel)
I gave a ‘boy’ to the brother in prison so that he appeals (Appeal)
I rose, I’m with El Chapo at that ‘level’ (Level ‘)
Andamo ‘with Palestino’
In every seven gram blunt ‘
De fule the MP5 (Brr)
At 23 I rapped the Nike (Brr)

I have had the most ‘good’ women
The motherfuckers (Hijueputa), but none of them fill me up (Ah?)
The cell phone me
I’m going to keep sleeping with all this 47 (Brr)
This’ rapper ‘to tiraera’ they say to war (They say to him to war)
It shows that they have not gotten into a car to hunt (Brr)
I have an arm that reaches hell and I saw it turn (Ah?)
To be able to make the most powerful man tremble (Ah!)
Don’t be fooled by fame and kids
If they see me with thirty devils ‘, all that’ devil ‘are soldiers’
If they see me, a ‘black’ bus, to ‘that’ cars are armored (They are armored)
And they see us with a pair of Draco ‘, everything’ is modified ‘(Modified’)
There are many people who hate me more
I left the probation
Since I’m single I have like seven girlfriend ‘(Seven girlfriend)
This week I was all week with Drake
Always in the front row in all the NBA games (From NBA)
Maybe I’ll go to Dalla to visit Luca
For the whore with a coin, I’m going to throw a boy to this ‘whore’ (To’a this ‘whore’)
I have ‘red’ eyes behind ‘the’ glasses’ (The ‘glasses’)
Of mine ‘nobody chotea, like Rafa (Like Rafa)
I have a bastard stress with this double life
A thug in the street and the goat on the stage
And sometimes I think my mind is possessed
But I remember that I am blessed and I forget (Amen)
It is me who they hear selling drugs at the point (At the point)
They ‘put my songs’ at the funeral of the deceased’ (Whore)
Remember that life changes in less than a second (Brr)
Bastard, he’s no longer LeBron, now he’s Antetokounmpo (Brr)

Do you ‘know why I’m the best?
Or why do I say that I am the best?
Because I know what it is to convert
The worst ‘nightmare’ in the best ‘dream’
I know what it is to turn a cell into a mansion
I know what e ‘to turn a kilo into a song ten’ times’ diamond
I know what it is like to ‘turn a federal case into a hundred million’
This last year my life has been a seesaw bastard
A bitch roller coaster
God works in a ‘mysterious’ path because in one of the worst ‘moments’ of my life
I know I just made the most bastard album I’ve ever made in my life
This is for my fans, that I know they love me
What have made me a millionaire
And I love you with all my life, that I have dedicated my whole life to you.
Real to death, did you hear, son of a bitch?
I am the type of bastard that you look me in the eye
And you know that what you are looking at is tremendous motherfucker
I’m not the bastard that you see ‘there, you see it’ in a corner
And if it comes out of your balls ‘kill him, he can’ kill him, no
Here the movie, the movie doesn’t end like this here
We ‘set’ the rules’ that everyone hates, but no one has dared to break
Whoever breaks the rule ‘goes to’ the news’
Ha ha! Brr!

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