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Real Hasta La Muerte in english versuri Anuel AA

Mera, AA
You know ‘what counts’ on us’
The incorrigible major is speaking to you
You know ‘we are’ active ‘or 24/7
And we have ‘the three hundred’ stick ‘active’
You do not ‘warn’ and we fall ‘wherever, you hear?
Let me know right away
Mera, AA
Here the three ‘digits’ are per box
And whoever we catch is going to find everything and a vest
And we become ‘what it’ did not want, hahahahaha
Mera, AA
Whoever ghosts with you, we are going to send him to the neighborhood ‘el acosta’o
That they do not continue to underestimate you, that the wave continues to cover them
Mera, indicates, brother
You know ‘what counts’ on us ‘for’ whatever
They know that when they fail they take peels and leave without a chain
This’ cabrone ‘who are the devils’
I’m crazy that they throw themselves so they can pick them up in a bag ‘, jet’ e lambebicho ‘, hahaha
Mera, AA
Tell these people that this is from Carolina to Santurce
From Santurce to Carola
That I have a collection of 47 that say “The ‘Avengers”, that I’m crazy to take out all of them.
Tell me AA
You know that the street has a name and surname
And e ‘real until death
You keep splitting the road
That we ‘continue’ controlling from the fridge
Sincerely, El Callaíto ‘
Ha ha!

We go ‘devilish’ and ‘we’re’ leaving him crucified (Crucified; amen)
Today we are going to go hunting because I got up with the devil climbed (Devil climbed)
El Enano called me and told me: “The bastard, we already have him ‘located’ (Ah!)
“And we are going to kill him, and they will find him tortured on a cherry bridge” (Brr)
They killed my brother and nobody knows all the time that I have cried for him (That I have cried for him)
Every time I have seen the bad one crying and every time I have sworn to her (Ah?)
That we are going to avenge him and that we are not going to stay with the arms ‘crossed’ (With the arms ‘crossed’)
And today we are ‘dressed’ in black, walking with the masked devil (Mascara’o; pa, pa!)
You bastard, you are a vira’o
You have seen every time that I have applied it (Hey)
In the name of El Oriental and El Arma’o (Hey)
You already know, bastard, that yours is talking (Eh)
Time runs and runs, yours is counting
Let’s see if it’s true what you’ve snored
We are going to give you all the shots that you have already given (Brr)
In front of your son and I leave him trauma’o, brr! (Brr!)
Collateral damage ‘(Collaterale’)
Your family is chotendo con lo ‘fedele’ (With lo ‘fedele’)
But in my song no one is killed without me giving the green, use lo ‘canale’ (Use lo ‘canale’)
We are also going to kill everyone who sits in the castle chair and points out (Ah?)
And they find him dead with a sign on his chest and underneath written ‘my’ initial ‘(Brr)
He believed you ‘that he was a joke
All the shit you talked about, you already ate it (You ate it)
You moved to Tampa and that is the only reason why you didn’t die (Uy)
I can’t give what I can’t see and that’s why you hid (Brr)
You said you were going to avenge your brother, you bastard, and you didn’t do it either (You didn’t do it either)

Mera, tell him, AA
What are we doing with a .45 fulete
With do ‘knife’, flow machete
Here even in the mall you get
That we ‘are’ the ‘only’ demon ‘that puts’ fifteen cars’ in any neighborhood or village
Hahaha, you know who’s talking to you
The Madman and the terror of to ‘this’ jet ‘and cabrone’
Daddy, do not get abrupt ‘what am I’ with AA
Hey AA, and quiet
That you are in the music and we are in the pitch
That we ‘don’t’ take care of ‘the problems’
Mera, AA, here reporting
The one who always goes with the .35
And the saxophone on her lap like Lisa
You know ‘that I don’t play
Whoever wants fame, the guideline is worn on the shirt
Sincerely, the only black who doesn’t shed fluff ‘: The P
Tell me, AA, attend me
Hey, snore to ‘what you want’, say to ‘what you want’
That they know that from this side
There are 513 caps ‘up every time’ that Forensic counts
AA, the one who ghosts
I turn on ‘the R to give him a spill
The wave that covers them
Don’t be crazy ‘
That they ‘know that we have’ more ‘crocodile’ than Animal Planet, haha
Mera, AA
I have told you that these people are no valve
They know that in my song I put my hand, I put my foot
I put ‘R and I put’ AK
Sincerely, the one who makes you fly head-on with the D-Sport
The demons’

Take out the ‘extra, the’ glove ‘and the pills’
I have the stick with fourteen comb ‘(Brr)
Forensics pick up a basket today
White chalk and ‘yellow’ tape (Haha!), Brr
Long live the war and long live the drug
That wherever it is we will start ‘the rope (We will start’ the rope)
And if they ‘state’ it one day they interrogate me
I’m going to tell them to suck my two balls (Haha!)
I’m not going to chot
I showed them once ‘and they want me to show them again (My brother)
They want to take me
But it’s ‘impossible, you bastard’, I’m a legal bichote (Legal)
From Elmira to Playita we go out ‘three hundred’ motor ‘to La Margarita (La Margarita; brr)
We kill you ‘and my bitch’ are fans of Bad Bunny, they all stay quiet ‘(Callaíta’)
The R full customiza’o with the red peephole and the combs’ chinita (Chinita)
I swear to Dio ‘that if you don’t die’ now, you’ll die ‘right now (Ah

We command ‘in prison and control’ in the stove (Twenty-seven)
Go down to the fucking island if we do ‘a meeting (Bendicione’)
You’re snoring a lot and you haven’t killed anyone, you bastard (Ah?)
Greetings’ to ‘lo’ twenty-seven who sleep with the knife on the mattress (On the mattress; brr)
Every time ‘we kill’ an enemy looks for ‘Buchanan’s, there is celebration (Haha!)
And when we want to ‘carry a message, there is kidnapping and then’ decapitation (Decapitation)
And the devil talks to me every time I’m shooting (Brr)
Every time I am changing a comb (Brr)
Every time we are hunting you (Ah?)
And every time someone is killed (Ah?)
And if the indicment explodes, no choteamo ‘(Choteamo’)
Always on fire, never no ‘cool’ (No ‘cool’)
And I will light ‘the Draco in your face, that is’ the same stick with which I gave’ to your brother

Mera, AA, this is Double Ñ
From Ponce, Los Chino ‘, where fear does not exist
Here we ‘do not run’ with anyone’s feka or by anyone’s name
Here fear is sown and we reap ‘respect
Sincerely, the ‘Asian’
Hey, my sister, you know ‘who is’
So as not to snore a lot and don’t be scared
The only thing I’m going to say to you is this ‘word’
If they cross the line with you
I’m going to start it in the middle, through the Seven and with the .15, did you hear?
That they say to him: “Mere, enter pa’l vest”
Better not snore ‘, daddy, because today we are going to transport you
For the world, heaven, hell
Where you have no way out, dad
So i just
Stay calm, authorize out there
Because, just, I’m going to give you the authorization
Did you hear? Dio ‘level, haha!
La AA, Emma, ​​brother
This is 100×35 and my hamlet is the most that sounds
He who dares to snore you, analyze, that I walk with the devils’
Sincerely, El Compay
Here reporting, the one who has the smell like a cat to hunt a mouse
Always with the brushes ‘pa’ inside the mall because the street is steamy
Do not fall asleep in the lights’ or in the cap
Who is turning ‘the one in the city’ of the chicharrón
Did you hear? So they know
Mera, mere, these people know that here in PR we send ‘us’
Whoever looks for it, you give me a call, baby
That I’m here on the island on fire, waiting, bastard, to be detonated
Pa ‘break the legs’ po ‘the middle to’ this ‘huelebicho’
Listen to me, you bastard, we ‘are’ real to death, son ‘and the great whore
Don’t you see ‘the news’, mamabicho?
The untouchables’, did you hear you bastard? LOL
Mera, indicates, Double
You know ‘that we’ run ‘by the code of the island of enchantment
Or the island of terror, as they want
They want us to kill each other and
What they do not know is that we are controlling the world
To’a the communes, to ‘the sectors’, to ‘the neighborhoods’, to ‘the villages’
Whatever you want to call them, I even project them ‘
You know who is talking
The black panther, the Young Kingz
Real to death, did you hear?
Mera, AA, you know ‘who’s talking to you, the black man from Las Torre’
The only place where the government never had control of us’
That they had no choice but to tear it down
You know ‘that I’m still’ the same ‘
And the loyalty ‘of us’ is not bought with money, of twenty-seven and’ the house

We are going to sow fear and respect we are always going to reap
Here everyone who comes to snore will die
We are going to get the RAM and we are going to hunt you (Brr!)
I’m not going to guide, I’m going to shoot you (Ah?)
I swear, you bastard, I’m going to kill you (Ah!)
To ‘you will be’ dear they will cry to you
The .40 is my Bible and your death the end (Your death the end), brr (Amen)
The apocalypse; bastard, what happened? I’m in Puerto Rico with the Yeezy ‘(With the Yeezy’)
Don’t snore ‘, they’re going to find you tortured, tied to a pole (Brr!)
And in Lacoste we turn it on ‘and start’ to ‘the’ cabrone ‘from your roster (From your roster)
Tell me, Boster, that we are going to play the ‘tambore’ coming out ‘and Red Lobster (Haha!)
Before ‘they hated me and now I am the most’ loved in Puerto Rico, calm down, boy (Oops!)
That we are going to break like we break the ‘kilogram’ and parakeet (Perico; ha!)
And from Llorens to Sabana Bajo (Brr)
Who the fuck did you give down? (To who?)
The only one sees what you gave him down
It was to suck bug joseando work (Haha!)
And the shit that talks ‘they eat it when they see me that I arrive with five hundred’ (Ah?)
Four hundred ‘ninety arma’o, the other’ die ‘are kilero’ that move the slow (that move the slow)
If we take out ‘the car’ and the devils ride ‘, you know’ that we are going ‘pa’ inside (Brr!)
And it is with short and stick ‘in case in the shooting the rifle is locked and I heat it (Warm), brr!
In the genre I am the bichote, I have the slow, the parakeet and the crack (And the crack)
I am the demon who had lost ‘the pitchfork and I have it back’ (The AA)
We have ‘the gender united and the street we have’ controlá ‘(Brr!)
I told you, you bastard, that I was going to make the peace treaty in PR, ah!

They know who I am, the one from 357, the killer ‘
You know ‘that we’ are ‘real to death, hahahaha
Mera, AA, you tell me, ‘I’m with 47
Like with two hundred ‘combs’ that don’t even fit in the car
Daddy, the ill uminati
Mera, AA, go to fire
You know ‘that I am always active with my minors’ in the neighborhood
That I walk with an R with a drum that I say “The M60”, huh?
And I send and go, they know it
Mera, AA
This’ little pig ‘does not respect the code’
They go by pulling pa ‘window’ and pa ‘parede’
That is why when I turn on ‘the Palestinians’ the ‘sound tests are at least forty minutes’
You son of a bitch, the shooting of ‘us’ makes the whole island tremble, you bastard
I shit on the mother ‘the devil
Acho, I’m good hell
Indica, AA
Those who leave her are reported until she bounces the cement
We are in the jungle with two hundred sticks
Here the one who is cool is not going to give him a break to put it on as a spike
Anything throws me ‘, you know’ where I am ‘
The ones on the bridge that never falls, hahahaha
Tell me AA
Let’s see that these people get along
Because we walk ‘on the diesel well devilish’
And whoever we catch ‘in the middle, with the micro’ goes whipping ‘
Anuel, whoever wants war should buy tickets to Orlando
That we are not playing
That we ‘do not break’ window ‘, we knock down’ the entire castle
Always straight, man of my word
Whoever messes with us’ the heart is torn
Sincerely, the one who rolls them alone since the nineties
See, when we turn on ‘the Romans’, I car ‘them upside down’
He knows ‘that we are’ active ‘those of the Bermuda Triangle’
Sincerely, the madman ‘the Triangle
Mera, tell me, Anuel, this is’ Real G4 Life, baby
You know ‘that the one who kisses it, we are going to sow one
So let it be thrown away
That they go to the electric chair without ghosting, hahahahahahaha

Real to death, did you hear, you bastard?
This goes to those who said
That when I touched Puerto Rico they would kill me
Pa ‘what’ they said
That when I got out of prison I was going to go back to the federal
For what I gave him to eat and they bit my hand
This goes directly to the ‘lambebicho’ that they arrested me, that they told me that my career was over
And this one goes especially to ‘my fans’
Who give their lives for me and I give my life for it ‘
The ‘illuminati

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