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Before ‘and after’, did you hear, you bastard?

Anuel AA:
I lay down to sleep with my gun in my bed (Ah)
I always sleep with her under the pillow (Brr)
I woke up thinking of my son and my mai ‘
I have six kilo in the closet, in the bulk of Nike (oops)
My God, take care of my family, I take care of myself (Amen)
I miss tre ‘perco’ pa’l estré ‘, while’ a phillie enrolo (Ah)
To’s turn because Scarface betrayed Manolo (Brr)
And I don’t trust ‘whore’, you already know ‘the protocol (You know’ the protocol)
Hammering the parakeet in the Ziploc (Haha)
The ‘AK’ and the ‘Glock’ and tamo ‘strong’ like The Rock (Ah!)
I with the ‘Jordans I am like Bad Bunny with the Croc’ (Ah!)
And the pali ‘and oxy’ is the recipe for me the doc (oops)
And my ‘friend’ are the ones who were always from scratch (From scratch)
The yellow Phantom, you bastard, like Homer (Haha!)
I have paid my lawyer, I am another bandit (Amen)
And to each country that I arrive I have a different gunsmith (Ah?)
I have an R with drum ‘pa’ to turn it on whole (Brr)
And whoever damages my name I fill it ‘with a hole’ (Brr)
And I hunt ‘whoever it is with the black’ mask ‘
The ‘bullet’ of the R disintegrates your face (Disintegrates you)
And in my hamlet the only millionaire is me (It’s me)
And in my family the one that supports the world is me (It’s me)
A friend of mine, who loved him, the bastard stole from me (Prrsh)
And we take it out for the fuck like Rosselló (Hahaha)
Conecta’o in Santurce and Manuela (In Manuela)
And with the prisoners’ who are in the real school (Ah?)
You bastard, I’m not kidding, I send a fuletazo and they dance bachata like Romeo (Tu Romeo, mami; hehe)
I have a rifle called “Messi”, like Leo
And I shoot ’em in the face I thrash you (Golazo)
And if you don’t believe me, you are an atheist
Because the triggers ‘are not toto’ and I give them de’o (oops; brr)
Fucking problems’ that will never end (They will end)
They call me to fix but I don’t know whether to trust (Brr)
When I less ‘wait for you’ they try to kill you (Brr)
I am sitting on the throne and they want to dethrone me (Ah)
The 27 and ‘the Tattaglia in all’ the prisons’ (The 27, scratch-off)
I sing what I always live in all my songs’ (Brr)
I made a million ‘, now I want a billone’ (I want a billone ‘)
And the last one who said that I was chota I gave him ‘with drum’ (Brr, brr)
And if I tattoo the names ‘of all’ my friends ‘dead’ (Amen)
My skin color is lost, my body will not be seen (Brr)
“Anuel is choteando”, bastard, that is not true (uh-huh)
I never recorded and now they talk shit, of course, of course (Hehe)
I enter you ‘a shot’ from head to toe ‘(Foot’)
Life and the game that in the end is going to lose (It is going to lose)
Bad move and you died like chess’ (Ah)
And after ‘I kill you’ there is never born ‘another time’
And if you are born ‘another time’ I will kill you ‘again (I will kill you’ again)
My God, sorry for the violence I promote (Sorry)
Money with cojon ‘but humble and without ego (Mera, bastard)
Mommy, forgive me, but the street is my game (Brr)
Zumba, Yandel

I’m from the street, the neighborhood, the hamlet
No one will understand by the things ‘that I have lived’
They locked me up, a time disappeared ‘
Come out and realize I’m blessed ‘(Amen)
Don’t judge me because I’m set for mine
I never saw them when I was screwed ‘
Now I see them desperate and bitten ‘(Hahaha)
And I lit the pitch ‘(Yandel)

Yandel & Kendo Kaponi:
Mommy, I would like to stay (Eh-eh)
But the street calls me (Eh-eh)
Don’t wait for me ‘, I’m late (Oh-oh)
The street is on fire (Eh-eh)
Mommy, I would like to stay (Eh-eh)
But the street calls me (Eh-eh)
Don’t wait for me ‘, I’m late (Oh-oh; hey)
The street is on fire (Yeh-yeh, ah)

Kendo Kaponi:
Two o’clock in the morning and an arrest warrant (Yeh)
I settle the gun and they put me down
While I’m still willing not to ask God
Surely he will not get into this (Ah)
Life bets’, and if I ‘bet’ an angel with an AK on the right and the dead weapon on the left (Haha)
The Bible is beautiful if you read the Psalms and bottle it
Under the water the divers don’t leave tracks (Ah-ah)
I have two fucking ‘na’ to nail your cat (Hey)
One masturbates while portraying us (Ah)
And we’re going to give it until you feel it dilate
And the .22 comb in the mouth, will suck until it touches the butt (Haha)
I believe in Christ and it is equivalent to that if at this’ height ‘I have not seen the signs’, there is no one to point me
The button, the Glock and I have who install it
And they are going to die with the skin mixed ‘with the crystals’ (You are’ crazy, I’m going to make you clear, you bastard)
I kill people and people know it
So they suck my bug when they are facing me (Hey)
Discourage me when I see a friend hurt me
And he will die covering the bullets’ with his hand as in pantomime (Ah-ah-ah)
I love them and I’ll even leave the police ‘if I program it
I traded a gun for a couple of grams’
Squaring the lap while ‘I embalm’
They almost killed me inside Ramo ‘(Nah)
Life rolls, and you inherit the problem that remains
That night nobody would be dead if they had been loose on 6-5, “El Preda” (Ah, ah)

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