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Estrés Postraumático in english versuri Anuel AA

The definition of “being real” in the dictionary is’ my photo (My photo, Anuel)
I said to Ozuna: “Money doesn’t make us, we make it ‘us'” (Nosotro’, amen)
And I told Balvin that depression is a demon without a face (Face, ah)
And that we are ‘where we are’, blessed because God chose us ‘(We’, brr)

And I don’t take life so seriously (Uoh, uoh)
Because at the end of it I will come out dead (Dead)
And I put on a good face at a bad time
How will heaven be that those who left have never returned? (Come back, yeah, yeah)
And nobody asks (Uah), if I suffer, if I cry (Uah)
If I have a grief that fills deep

(Brr !, ah?)
For walking empistoleao ‘that does not make you a soldier (-given)
The soldier is a soldier because he goes to war and hunt (Hunting, brr)
Real to death, did you hear, you bastard?
Mera, tell me Frabi (Ah ?, brr)

Eight in the morning I’m already ‘standing (We’re’ standing ‘)
Life with death I negotiated (Amen)
Many turned to me because I trusted (Because I trusted)
The forties in my bible because it gives me faith (Brr)
Brr !, that’s how it sounds when I turn it on, brr! (Brr)
I am a demon like Kendo
The ‘ticket’ going down and the ‘kilo’ going up (The ‘kilo’ going up)
You bastard, I’m like the Joker, I’m going to die laughing (Haha)
The .27 and your red blood feed me
For your head there is already a price and they are giving discount (Brr)
From car to car so that the ‘fragment’ (The ‘fragment’) does not bounce
The criminal wave does not go down, it continues to rise (It continues to rise)

Where are those who want to kill me? (Yeah)
Where are those who want to hunt me? (Uah)
My bug they have to suck me (Que sumarme), yeh
My bug has to suck me, yeah
Where are those who want to kill me? (Yeah)
The ‘bus’ are armored ‘, don’t go’ shoot me, yeah (Brr)
My bug has to ‘suck me, brr (Que sumarme)
My bug has to suck me, yeah (suck me)

So many sticks ‘and so much short’ in the heart (In the heart)
May Checo rest in peace and his family forgiveness (Amen)
Ganamo ‘, if the kilograms go through immigration (By immigration)
And we shoot ourselves’ with the ‘guard’ before going to prison (Brr)
Galla was killed, but he lives in my memory
If I catch the one who did it, I will violate the probation (Brr)
My rifle e ‘like Yankee has a trajectory (Brr!)
My jordan are Bugs Bunny and the cut e ‘the carrot (Brr)
So much money they say I made a pact with the devil (Amen)
And with the chota ‘and with the’ fedele ‘I do not speak (I do not speak)
The Lambo has more ‘horse’ ‘and strength than a stable (Brrm!)
And many love me and many hate me like Pablo (Brr)
You are ‘a hypocrite and e’ with the “H” for homicide (Hahaha)
Let’s ‘kill you and let’s make it look like suicide’ (Amen)
Seeing me as a millionaire has become a nuisance (It has become a nuisance)
I look at myself on Instagram and even envy myself (Brr)
Hunting with drones ‘as if we are’ in Iran
I’m from P.R., but my rifle is e ‘German (oops)
We gave you a hundred and a half and you fell asleep in the Can-Am (Oops)
They don’t believe in Christ (Haha), but they pray whenever they give them, brr (Brr!)

The false friend is like the shadow
That follows you while the sun lasts
Not everyone receives the same vision from me
Some may tell you that I am a good person
And others may tell you that I’m shit
What I can tell you is’ what ‘creates’ for the two’ (It ‘creates’ for the two’)
Because I only give them back what they give me (What they give me)
And at the end (And at the end), you will realize that … (Account that …)
You will know many masks’ and few faces’ (Few faces’)
Life without friend ‘, death without witness’
Real to death, did you hear you bastard? Brr
Mera, tell me Frabian, ah
May God bless all the villages in Puerto Rico, around the world
To ‘the neighborhoods especially Santurce, Caguas, Manatí (Manatí)
O-O-Ovy On The Drums (Brr)
The ’untouchable’, did you hear, you bastard?
May he rest in peace Czech (Czech)
And may Correa (Correa) rest in peace, amen (Amen)
Tell me Chinola (Tell me Chinola), ah (Ah)
Mera, tell me Kendo (Tell me Kendo)
Mera, tell me EQ, haha
The ‘untouchable’, did I hear you, baby? (Did you hear me, baby?)
Brr (Brr)
(Where are those who want to kill me?
Where are those who want to hunt me?
That my bug has to suck me
That my bug have to suck me, yeah)

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