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Real to death
Kobe in the fourth quarter throwing the ball
I’m the best version of me when I’m under pressure
It will be because I grew up in the heater
Where the word friend is synonymous with treason
At 15 years old the bank was going to take our house
My crying mom says everything is going to be fine and burns me
Daddy lost his job at Sony that’s what happens
the money is over and he doesn’t sleep or rest
From that day on, I dedicated myself to crime
I abandoned sports and I was not afraid of the consequences
They killed my friend and we avenge him with violence
And I walked with the devil the rest of my teens
I struggled with drugs for money and because I wanted
And I loved being armed and running from the police
A Christian told me that one day they would kill me
They tried to kidnap me and I almost died

God works on mysterious paths
One day they tried to kidnap me but I came out alive
After a few days they took me prisoner
And they had told me that my career had died
But look at me now …

I recorded with ̃Nengo and little by little people gave it to me
I dropped some pal’de trap and then I recorded in slave
Record 6 9 with Ozuna and Soldier and Prophet
And my gun was not a woman but I had a tit
I made “party” for a thousand pesos and even for free
I’m going to shit on the mother of the @% #% The Illuminati
My God, I have never overcome the death of “Presi”
And life is a seesaw, look at Tekashi
On April 3 they jailed me with 2 friends of mine
They followed us and did an operation
The feds took the case, I got screwed
And the prosecutor had 2 nicknames next to my name
That day they fucked me I was thinking
That my friend wanted to kill me and I was getting married
But the old problems that I kept dragging
I understood that the street did not want to see me triumphing
Real to death, did you hear you bastard?

Soldier and prophet, more pistols and more tools
The wave of murders increases,
they see me and they get fever
10 kilos in your helmet so that they break you
And in 3 days you are dead in a funeral bus
Under water, the dead don’t float
And they think they stop bullets whenever they notice
Put him down boy, they will find you pretty
when your wife delivers you and we apply the Draco
Demonic and we put the toad mask on you
And we hang you from a flow bridge Guzman “el chapo”
They kill me or I kill them
Come the bullets and dance vallenato
Toy on top and I won’t fall
In Forbes and Rolling Stones to ’the world is talking about Anuel
This is my life is trauma
If you don’t like the Cabron heater, don’t go to the sauna
You will always be my shadow
I arrive in the Jet they open the door and throw me the carpet
We are diving so they don’t hide
And we shoot the skull so they don’t respond
More comb than a barber
and my 47 we are like Yankee with Playero
And in every state I have a gunsmith
and when I smoke from Versace are the ashtrays
And the peepholes of the R toas are trijicon
I never go up, there is no law of attraction
I go up to the 36th floor on the Aventador
So millionaire that even the car has an elevator Brrrrrrrrr

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