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Homemade versuri Andrei Leonte

Oh, this time around I’m taking all kinds of precautions
Cause I gave my pound,
Yeah, last time round
There were losses.

And you’ll downplay it
Cause you can’t wait that long, baby
And I’m homemade and I came with flaws, baby!

We can talk,
Back and forth, till we’re old,
Pretty and gray,
Yeah, I know I’m shit out of luck in my ways,
But I’m trying babe!

And it’s not like I don’t want
To find a way out of my head, babe,
But it’s a long way back
And I’m still in bed, babe!

Now I’m not trying
To sugarcoat it
Well, maybe some of it,
With words that sound alike
And I promise I’d own up to it
If I knew what I said last night.

And it’s not like I don’t want
To find a way out of my head
But, f****, it’s a long way back
And when I get there I’ll probably be dead !

But you’re stronger than me
Than my uncertainty
And you always say :
‘Guess what
I know you’
You say:
‘Guess what
I trust you’

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