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Saying i love you would be wrong
If beyond those three words i wouldn’t be your girl
But I’m ready to prove it
Whenever you lose it
Baby, count on me;
I won’t leave you behind,
Got your back all the time.

Got your back no matter what
Coz’ i’m your girl and you know tnat.
I got your back no matter what
Coz i love you and you know that
Oh- oh -oh got your back no matter what
Oh- oh- oh coz’ i’m your girl and you know that

Sometimes it’s hard to be a man,
I can see it within you and I understand.
You don’t have to say it,
I know how to play it
Baby, count on me
I won’t leave you behind
Got your back all the time

And when the walls collide
I’ll stay by your side
I’m yours and you are mine
Together we’ll be fine
And when is getting rough
Love is good enough
Somehow, we’ll work it out
Stronger than before
Lasting evermore, you know
I won’t let you down.

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