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Ring Around versuri Anca Pop

I like the way you move The way you wear your shirt
Your groove is kinda’ cool
What part of town you from? Haven’t seen you around
I love the smell of your perfume
So I’ll show you around Find out where you’re from
Introduce you The rest of my crew
They’re curious too To know what we um um um

Ring around the rosie A bottle full of posie
‘Til the break of dawn We won’t fall down We won’t fall down
Ring around the dance floor The club is full of hot boys
All the girls in town We tumble down we tumble down

My girls think you’re cute They want a piece too
Don’t know what to do Share them with you?
Will your boys come too? For a big rendezvous
I feel so inspired I’m feeling so wild
I guess we’ll have to Get out of the club
And into my Hub We might have to
Group love you Group love you group love you

I don’t want you to stop Feel my symphony drop
I don’t mind if it’s hot
Just hold me tight and touch me right
Let’s fly this kite

Ring Around lyrics ♪ tiktok clean Letra de la canción Ring Around ♪ Versuri Ring Around

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