AMI – Magical (Xmas Gift Song) (Versuri / Lyrics)

Versurile melodiei 'Magical Xmas Gift Song' de la Ami

When I’m feeling down, you come and raise me up
When I feel alone, I need you more
Always be with me, gimme me, gimme me your love,

Gimme love cuz’ I need ya ya!

And I need you more, I need you now
You’re the love that I found and you’re mine
You give me a second chance to love…
So I don’t wanna runna run away

I will do anything to get to touch you
I’ll do anything to get to feel you
I’ll dance my whole life with you
I want your love, you’re my desire

Uuuhhh yeee.. oooooo. Noo. Oh noo… you’re my desire

Get in it, get in it babe, get inside my mind
Make me glow everyday, cause only you can
Break in it, break in it babe, break inside my heart
Make me shine everyday
Oh, won’t you love me?

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