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There’s no more time no no
No more wasted nights
No more wasted I’m
Bye bye
Baby all this time
Always all the lies
Were you always mine
Says the truth


You make meh
You make meh
You make meh
You make meh
You make me eh eh eh eh eh eh

Kent Archie:
I know I gotta leave
But I wanna stay
If it was up to me
I’d lay in bed all day
One more minute
Because I’m late anyway
But trust when I finnish
Imma be here right away

With no hold ups
Just hold ya
Caressing and kiss shoulder
Then bend over
I’m your soldier
And I’m standing on the frontline
While we both lay in bed
As we just kill time

Since you left
Don’t feel right
Need your body over me
Wanna hear the air you breath
Since you left

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

You make me
You make me
You make me
You make meh
You make me eh eh eh eh eh eh

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