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Versuri Akcent feat Veo – La Luna lyrics

La Luna versuri Akcent

The night has started but the party is incompete
The night is young as sje is dancing to the beat
I believe in love there is just one love
Body beauty and your booty can compete
You are so crazy and you are my biggest hit
I believe in love there is just one love
Hijo de la luna
La luna la luna

Everybody just watching her getting out of control
Drop it girl go pop it girl dj repeat don`t stop the girl
I am watching you you are watching me let`s take this to the VIP
What are drinking girl what are you thinking girl
You and your friends me and my friends
You are kicking girl we only got
One life to live might as well just do it big

Hijo de la luna
La luna la luna.

La Luna lyrics ♪ tiktok Letra de la canción La Luna ♪ Versuri La Luna

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