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Versuri Akcent feat D. E. P. – Sweet Memories lyrics

Sweet Memories versuri Akcent

Beauty’s sweet, but beauty is frail
Crazy vibes and I go insane
Making me to want you even more
You are always invading my mind
Love like ours is so hard to find
Lustful thoughts and hearts combined

As long as you’ll be in my way
I’m hopeless romantic, turned into a slave

C’mon and dance with me tonight
Sweet memories together, when I’m with you I’m a better version of myself
Slow actions, make me feel so right
So powerful and tender
Embrace the moments that we are now meant to live

Strong desires are burning inside
Our emotions, no reason to hide
Deadly sins give meaning to our lives
Satisfaction, enough to revive
When your body is right next to mine
Breaking boundaries all the time

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