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Burning versuri Aero Chord

Take it back
Please Take it back
We’ve been through too much
I can’t even wrap my head around
What would make you say that

Until last night I was your everything
Now it’s like you don’t mean anything
I wish I was (?) was greater to hide
I spent years to (?) beat it
But it’s not that far, should know you’re a spark
And you took down a fire
But I’d been the one who left it burning

Left it bur-ur-ur-ur-ur-ur-ning
(who left it burning)

Stop pretending you can’t (?)
I see your relieve even though you’re tryin’ to hide it
I just need you to walk out

And that’s all you really wanna do
And I don’t wanna cry in front of you
I wish I was (?) just tore me apart
And that that he is (?)
Yeah, we got meaning
Watching for afar where you leave me in the dark
That you put out the fire
But I’m still the one who left it burning

Left it bur-ur-ur-ur-ur-ur-ning
Who left it burning
Who left it burning


Left it bur-ur-ur-ur-ur-ur-ning
Who left it burning

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