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Versuri Admiral C4C – Too Good feat. Salento Guys and W.A.W. lyrics

Too Good versuri Admiral C4C, Salento Guys, W.A.W.

O Lord Lord Lord Lord!!! Yaaaw!
O blimey! Is it me or this me sensi? (deh mashup me brain ooo)
Me say O blimey! Or this girl is simply sexy? (God i beg ooo)

Too good Too good’
Gyal your pumpum Too good Too good’
Gyal your pumpum Too Good Too good’
When me ina you me feel good’
True me nah Lie! me ah say’ {chorus x2}

O ya shana fun me gyal!
Shana fun me gyal!
Shana fun me (x5)
Gyal gyal!!!!

Shana fun mi baby one time
Me no mind you do me two times
Cos inna me mind me done do you ten times
Me go do anything to drill your gold mine
Me say the girl “Dope” pas dubai
Shey ibadi eyan lo lenu bayi?
Even if you use the theory of PI
Her circumference no guru can find me say,
Gyal gyal dope pass dubai shey ibadi eyan lo lenu bayi? my god oooo!!

She sweet pass shawarma!
(Number ONE!) who be michelle obama?
(The Gyal BAD!) ah! osama!
Me nah go be with her? Your mama!!
Left leg oooo! you no get better yarns, go play lego oo!
Abeg ooo! cos’ this gyal ooo! till the day me die ‘yaaw!
Badman nah go let go!

She knows what it’s worth’ that thing under her skirt
With no dutty Bwuoy she gwaan flirt!
See how she dress with a touch of class and street sense
When she pass man dem ah loose breath!
Me say the gyal

Swear down the gyal nah rachet
Trust me when da pumpum general Admiral say so!
The Gyal Bad!!!
[Salento guys and WAW]
Mad pon da riddim!

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