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The evil that I hold inside
Bed of nails on which I lie
I made it
There’s nowhere left for me to hide
Racing towards the other side
I hate it

All of my ranting and raving
I’m waxing and waning
And I don’t see an end in sight
Maybe I’m just masquerading
As way beyond saving
So I don’t even have to fight

So cold to live without a soul
But I do my best to make things right
I roll deeper down the hole
I’ve been holding on with all my might

But in spite of my trying, I feel like I’m dying
And I can’t hear a word you say
All of the drinking and lying, the games that I play
Nothing seems to make me feel OK

I think I’m running out of time
All I seem to leave behind’s destruction
I can’t undo what I have signed
It’s no way to take back time
I loved them

Nobody wanted to find me
A way back to guide me
Kept feeling like I wasn’t right
Maybe I’m encapsulating
Somebody else saving
You really need to just sit tight

So cold to live without a soul
But I do my best to make things right
Alone without a heart or home versuri.us
No one else can see it’s fight or flight

Because they’re trying to hide me
I feel like I’m blinding
Or was I never in their sight
No one’s rewinding the time here
I’m left alone trying
Nothing seems to make me feel OK

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