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Versuri 2 Chainz – Hot Wings Lyrics

Hot Wings Versuri

I’m the big homie now
Don’t forget that
I’m the big homie now

I got my spunk, Louie Vuitton
Truck in the front what’re you doing
I look so good, don’t call me up
She wanna suck it’s in a Buick
I pull it up, they wanna f*ck
We gon get high, what’re we doing

I got some perk, I got a crown
I got a crib, they gon’ get to it
I got a semi, I got a Draco

Protect my family, straight outta ClayCo
Thought I was sweet, just like a Faygo
But I had killers, all on my payroll
Watch how I move, just like a Rayon
64 Chainz, just like a Crayon
Put it on my dick told it to stay on
I had a paper tag, on three on
I had to talk drop with the freeons
I say duce one like Deion

I go bruce wayne on you peons
Shit i f*ck wit da falcon troops (Tru)
Had more sacks than a lineman
I shoulda got a hiesman too, n*gga
Shit where they hikin’ at
Check like a nike hat
I got the midas pack uh
Told da b*tch quiet relax uh
I got my hoe in the other line
Im not bipolar but borderline
I just might switch lanes go back get fried thats all she want hot wings

B*tches is f*ckin’ for hot wings
B*tches f*ckin’ for american deli
B*tches f*ckin’ for some eye cream
She just want her hot twenty piece
All flats with the lemon pepper
I was the first one to put her in first class
B*tch get your shit together versuri.us

B*tch ain’t never flown before
Been trying to come through security with some tennis shoes on, hoe
Take the shit off b*tch
Big Big boss music
Big boss music
Big boss, big big boss music

You better get used to it, ain’t not falling off
N*gga gon straight though, you better get used to it
I need a raise I ain’t taking pay cuts
You better get used to it
Hundred for a verse, hundred for a show
You better get used to it
I’m all about the bag, no need to brag
Ring cost a Jag, dressed to the back like a shag

I’m the big homie now

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