Versuri Artist: Tame Impala

Versuri Tame Impala – Taxi’s Here

Taxi's Here versuri

I was trying to resolve and I’m waiting
It felt natural
Oh I was hoping it would come out right
Who was I kidding

Push the button and start counting down
Oh, time is crawling to the moment
Beyond which
I can choose
I can fall
I can lose
I concur with the doubt
But I can’t turn back round
And they trip
What’s beyond
But time is rolling on

Now let’s do this right
(And I’ll be trying)
It won’t come out right

I can fold
I can lose
I can lose
I can face the unknown
Yes, I must
Venture there
If I fail, I don’t care

(Now let’s do this right)
There’s so much
Left unclear
But it’s time
Taxi’s here

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