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People passing by,
The coffee’s cold…
I don’t know why
You should be alone,
When I can come
And take you home.
And I’m so happy that you’re here
‘Cause when the time is near
I’ll come and save you,
Come and catch you if you fall!

Oh, your eyes so green!
The greenest green I’ve ever seen,
Oh, your heart is blue,
But any colour will just do…
And all my fears have disappeared,
‘Cause when you hold me near,
I feel protection, I hear the words I need to hear
I feel it over and over…

I am leavin’ Earth
’cause when I’m with you I feel just like a bird

When my hands are cold,
You’re my summer,
You’re my gold.
The sunlight in your eyes
Can melt my worries,
Light the skies.

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