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Versuri Raluka – Undone

Undone versuri

Thought I’d be better
But I lost my Temper
The I lost control
Then I lost it all
At times I’m stronger
But you see, right now
Here I am in front of you
Breaking my vow
Wish me luck cause I’ll never come back
If I leave u now, there’s no turn back
If you only had the guts to just walk right out
If you only had the guts

Here I am
In front of you
Don’t wanna leave
Don’t wanna stay
I’m so undone
I’m so undone
Here I am
I do love you so
But I love me a hundred times more
I’m so undone

It’s getting easy
To say the things I wanna say
‘Cause you got numb
And I got scared
What if I lose you
What if I lose you by mistake?
What will I do then?
What will remain

Here we are
Standing, naked, me and u
Do we see the scars, right through our skins
You were my shelter when I was in need
How come we screw it up and make it complete
Find a way to forgive me but this is complete

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