Versuri Artist: Juelz, Ruby Chase

Versuri Juelz – Closure (ft. Ruby Chase)

Closure versuri

Hustlin’ hand in hand
Round every dip and bend
We can’t be phased by your sticks and stones
Drippin’ in lemonade
Made it up out this game
Don’t know if I could do it alone

Crossed with your truth to bear
Show me what’s under there
Why play it safe when we could love wild
Gimme gimme what we both came for
Love ripping up what your so scared of
I promise we’ll both survive
Just tell me are you rollin with me
Tell me are u rollin w me

Are you rollin with me x 8

Hustlin’ hand in hand
Round every dip and bend
Struggle and ease are starting to blend

You see side of me
I’d really love to be

Come with me babe let’s roll til the end

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