Versuri Anitta – Paradinha (english) Lyrics

Versuri Paradinha in english Lyrics:

I want to see you go crazy
I want to provoke you
You’ll see that when
I want something
I can do it

If you do not know me do not doubt me
I want to see you go crazy
I want to provoke you and I know that
You do not admit it, but I can see

Die of hunger
You want to see me do that
The halt ah ah ah ah

I left your world upside down
Are you going to deny it again?
If you tell me the truth
I start now in a, two, three goes
The halt
The halt ah ah ah ah

Are you afraid
You love me only on your own
I am not santa
I have attitude, yes
I’m not easy, but you love it
Because you forget everything with
The stop

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